Topic Area and Focal Questions

No.Topic AreaNo.Focal Question
0Evidence for problem description to frame the reviews with a focus on Indonesian specific implementation issues--
1Improvement of quality of care in public and private sectors

Does place of birth influence maternal and neonatal mortality?

How do the public (cadre, village officials, indigenous leaders) take part in the prevention, promotion, and early detection of conditions related to maternal and neonatal health?

How does variation in healthcare provision between urban, rural , remote, border and frontier settings impact on maternal & neonatal mortality & morbidity?

What is the contribution of the private sectors to ensure the availability of continuum of care for maternal (pregnant ) & neonatal?

What are the differences in maternal mortality and morbidity rate in women receiving care from various healthcare personnel/providers?

Is there any difference in the quality of maternal and neonatal healthcare across different health workforce/providers?

What are the differences in neonatal mortality and morbidity rate in babies receiving care from different healthcare personnel/providers?
1H How do professional associations affect the improvement of health workforce competency & performance?

Are there differences in the quality of careand quality of service delivery between health facilities categorized as Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care / Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (PONED/PONEK) and those that are not?

Are there differences in the quality of service across healthcare facilities having received training, support program or accreditation?
2Improved referral system at community and facility levels2A

Is there any difference in the referral rate, morbidity, and maternal and neonatal mortality before and after the implementation of the National Health Insurance system (JKN) among the vulnerable and poorest population?)

What are the referral patterns in urban, rural, remote, border and frontier areas and what are the impacts on maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality?

Does BEONC/CEONC healthcare service increase the quality of referral?
2D What is the effect of system determinant availability on the timeliness and effectivenes of referral in urban, rural, remote,outermost and border area?
3Implementation of UHC including increased utilization of MNH services and improved financial protection of the poorest and most vulnerable3A

What is the effectiveness of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in improving maternal and neonatal health care and health status?

Does the JKN (National Health Service) improve the services in PONED/PONEK accredited facilities?
3CHow do the system determinants in areas covered by health insurance differ from the areas not covered by health insurance?
4Improved local governance systems influencing health4A
Does support from the local government affect maternal & neonatal morbidity and mortality?
5Improved utilization of evidence for decision-making in the public and private sectors5B
How does maternal/mothers-related government policy impact maternal & neonatal morbidity and mortality?
6Implementing the equity of woman to support 4 pillars of safe motherhood
Does gender inequity impact on maternal & neonatal morbidity and mortality?